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Flair Body Care offers all-natural, handmade body care products that are made right here in Colorado by two best friends. Our product line currently includes lip balms in a variety of flavors, bath salts, soaps and bookmarks.


Who is Flair Body Care?


Inspired by the countless bottles of lotion in their cup boards, Finn and Claire created a "lotion lab" where they could mix products and experimented with different scents and colors. In 2012, with support from their parents, these two best friends started selling lip balms and bath salts under the brand name of Flair Body Care (Finn + Claire = Flair!). During the 2012 Young Entrepreneurs Holiday Market Place at the Young Americans Bank, Finn and Claire sold over 100 of their 

homemade products. Flair Body Care products were equally as successful at the 2013 Holiday Marketplace. In addition to selling their products at local fairs and events, Flair products are available at Sugarlicious in Cherry Creek North. 


Finn and Claire love spending time together while crafting their products and dreaming up new recipes. They hope their products will help others feel their best!

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